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Masonic Past Masters' Association of the Hamilton Districts



"Open to all Past Masters"



Objective: To enhance the Masonry of all Past Masters of the Craft.

(The Hamilton Districts in particular).



V.W. Bro. Allan Hale            905 336-7211            haleville@sympatico.ca


V.W. Bro. Tom Peddle         905 741-0357           thomasfpeddle@gmail.com


R.W. Bro. Geoffrey Allan        905-339-7724       silverfox24901@gmail.com


Hamilton Masonic Centre (Scottish Rite)

4 Queen Street South

Hamilton, Ontario  Canada

Map - Hamilton Masonic Centre (Scottish Rite)


E-Mail Notification of Upcoming Events

Would you like to receive e-mail notification of upcoming meetings of the Masonic Past Masters' Association of the Hamilton Districts?

E-mail their Public Relations Chairman, R.W. Bro. Thomas R. Young, and he will include you on their e-mailing list. If you are already receiving e-mail's from him, it is not necessary for you to contact him again, as you are already on the list.

NOTE - To respect an individuals privacy, all e-mails are sent "blind copy."

Click Below To E-mail W.Bro. Tom Young

R.W. Bro. Thomas R. Young


Meetings 2019 - 2020

Check back later to get any further updates on the details of the meetings.


All Meetings held at the Hamilton Masonic Centre (Scottish Rite)


Map - Hamilton Masonic Centre (Scottish Rite)



Meal Reservations are a MUST!


Please be fair to those who have booked their meal in advance.


Contact: R.W. Bro. Thomas R. Young      thomas.young@rogers.com



Check back later to get any further updates on the details of the meetings.

"Meet and Greet” at 8:30 am with breakfast at 9:00 am. Reservations for breakfast are required in advance! The annual membership in the Past Masters Association is $10.00 and breakfast cost is $15.00. The 2019-2020 upcoming agenda with meeting dates, topics and speakers is as follows:

September 28, 2019

Wills and Estates Presentation Lawyer Bruno Uggenti (Ladies welcome)

November 30, 2019

Most Worship Bro. Ron Groshaw, Past Grand Master

January 18, 2020

Rush to Danger, Medics in the Line of Fire Author Ted Barris

March 14, 2020


Habitat for Humanity John Gerrard CEO of Habitat for Humanity

May 1, 2020

Grand Master Reception and Banquet.

May 29, 2020

Meet the Grand Lodge Candidates & Past Master Association Annual General Meeting


The Masonic Past Masters' Association of the Hamilton Districts

In 1902, the Past Masters of the lodges in Hamilton District 8 instituted an association to promote visitation and harmony among the Past Masters of the district. As a result of continual interest and growth in Masonry, District 8 was divided in 1923 into Hamilton A and Hamilton B and by 1974, it was necessary to create a third district, District C. Throughout this time, the Past Masters' Association held to its mission of promoting, developing and disseminating the principles of Masonry and the opportunity for fellowship and education.

As of March 2019 the Association has 205 members with an almost equal balance of Officers, Directors and members from each of the three Hamilton districts. The D.D.G.M.s of Districts A, B and C are all ex-officio Directors of the Associations, as is the president of the Craft Association of the Hamilton Masonic Districts. The membership fee is a nominal amount making membership accessible to all past masters. Membership has great advantages.

Over the last few years, our meeting format has evolved into four breakfast meetings and a Friday Night A.G.M. in May or June. The breakfast meetings have always included an interesting guest speaker. Our A.G.M. dinner meeting gives the brethren an opportunity to meet those brethren who are running for the various offices of Grand Lodge. This is always a highlight and the new executive of the Past Masters' Association are chosen.

As a member of the Past Masters' Association, you will find that it, like the York and Scottish Rite, is part of our logical progression through Masonry. On the night of our initiation into Masonry we may have initially found that we were surrounded by many men that we did not know, but it soon became apparent that these fellows were going to become friends. As we became more involved within our lodge, we discovered these friendships grew, so that we became brothers. By accompanying our D.D.G.M. on his official visits, we met and got to know Masons from the other lodges within our district.
The Past Masters' Association provides that further opportunity to expand our Masonic contacts, meet brethren who have also had the experience of being Worshipful Master and learn about and visit lodges within the other Hamilton Districts.     
 Why wouldn't you want to be a member of the Past Masters' Association?



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