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Partners for Life

2016 - 2017




Please use it to Register Your Donation

We have Pledged 50 Donations in 2016-2017



Hamilton Masonic District B is now a member of the Canadian Blood Services "Partner for Life" program. Our official partner ID is MASO001449.  Please note that the first "O" is the letter O and the two "00" after it are zeros.  This might cause some confusion, so please be careful.  Our District has been setup with a pledge of 300 donations for 2009. Your registration as a Partner for Life, and along with the use of our ID, will help assure we achieve our goal.

On the registration document along with the ID number Masons - Hamilton B District should be noted as Name of Company/Organization.


Below are the instructions for you, and also fellow Masons and their family and friends, on how to sign up as a member on-line.


To Register Online:

1. Go to
www.blood.ca/partnersforlife by clicking this address.
2. Click on "Join Partners for Life (blue box): then click on "Member"
(red puzzle piece)
3. Click on "Sign me up to donate with my team"

4. Fill out the secure form and click "Submit"


Your Partner ID is MASO001449

Below is a paper copy of how to sign up as a member in case some of your friends/family don't have access to a computer. Once filled out you can send them directly to Denise Saulier, address below,  or leave them with the Nurse in Charge at one of the clinics and ask her to send them to Denise Saulier, with the other paper work from the clinic.


                           Click Below for Form

Partners for Life  Non- Electronic Registration Form


Denise Saulnier
Community Development Coordinator
Canadian Blood Services
Suite 200, 35 Stone Church Rd.
Ancaster, ON L9K 1S5




Canadian Blood Services



299 Main Street East

Hamilton, ON  L8N 1H8


Tel: (905) 645-6555

Fax: (905) 540-5803

Toll Free: 1-888-2-DONATE






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