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Hillcrest Lodge No. 594

Hillcrest Lodge No. 594 has earned the Designation:


"Cornerstone Lodge 2017 - 2019"

"The lodge deserves to be extremely proud of the level of proficiency that it has achieved and you are to be commended for your dedication and determination in meeting the Cornerstone challenge." - Brother 2 Brother Team.


Meets Second Monday of Each Month, 7:30 p.m.*

(except July and August)


*except October meets Second Tuesday


Map - Hillcrest Lodge No. 594





Regular Meetings

Sept. - June

2nd Mon.*

Official Visit


2nd Mon.



2nd Mon.

*except October meets Second Tuesday

Contact Information


The year was 1921, milk cost 10 cents a quart, butter cost 3 cents a pound and a haircut cost 25 cents.  You could go to a silent movie for another quarter.  Concession Street was the Main Street on Hamilton mountain with green fields a short walk away.


This period was also known as the "Roaring Twenties", having survived the war to end all wars in 1918, it was in this environment that Hillcrest Lodge was born.


On March 19th, 1921, a group of Mount Hamilton Masons met in Brown's hall to consider forming a lodge.   It was decided that the following brethren would occupy the chairs.

     W.M.   -  W. Bro. O.J. Newell - M.D.

     I.P.M.  -  W. Bro. W.R. Madhill

     S.W.   -  W. Bro. J.A. Yorick

     J.W.   -  W. Bro. J.R. Gun

     Sec.   -  Bro. J. Geddes

     Treas. -  Bro. M.T. Lockley


The initiation fee would be $60.00, ten dollars of which would go to the benevolent fund.  The charter was signed by 29 members and forwarded to Grand Lodge.


On September 19th, 1921, Lee's hall on the third floor at 550 Concession Street was rented for $20.00 a month.  This room was previously used as a dance studio and had to be renovated for Masonic purposes.


On December 30th, 1921, the ceremony of Installation took place with W. Bro. O.J. Newell installed as the first Worshipful Master of Hillcrest Lodge.  At this time, dues were set for $5.00 and the affiliation fee was at $10.00.


The lodge met in this building until 1994 at which time the lodge purchased and renovated a vacant Salvation Army building on Mohawk Road West on Hamilton Mountain.  On September 12th, 1994, the first regular meeting was held in the new Hillcrest Masonic Temple.


On Saturday April 8th, the cornerstone of the new temple was unveiled by R.W. Bro. James McAthur the District Deputy Grand Master of Hamilton District B. On Saturday, May 27th, in the same year, the dedication of the new temple was carried out by M.W. Bro. C. Edwin Drew, Grand Master.  There were 33 members, 106 visitors and 80 Grand Lodge Officers in attendance.


Hillcrest Lodge No. 594 Becomes Mother Lodge to Composite Lodge No. 667

October 3, 1953 Composite Lodge No. 667 was formed from a number of brethren from Hillcrest Lodge No. 594, making  Hillcrest Lodge the Mother Lodge of the newly instituted Composite Lodge.

After 62 years of faithful service, Composite Lodge No.  667 extinguished their lights on May 29, 2013, with M.W. Bro. D. Garry Dowling, Grand Master in attendance.

Below is a summary of Composite Lodge's  history.

January 31, 1951 Dispensation Granted
February 6, 1951 Organization Meeting
February 21, 1951 Instituted Under Dispensation
July 1951 Charter Granted at 96th Annual Communication of Grand Lodge Held in Toronto
October 3, 1951 Constituted and Consecrated
October 24, 1951 Regular Meeting as Composite No.667 - by dispensation.
October 24, 1951 Installation of First Officers
1960-61 R. W. Bro. E. W. Nancekivell elected District Deputy Grand Master District "B"
1961 V. W. Bro. W. T. Bacon appointed as Grand Steward
1975-77 R. W. Bro. E. W. Nancekivell elected to the position of The Grand Master
of The Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario
1975 V. W. Bro. W. Knapp appointed as Grand Lodge Director of Ceremonies.
1976 V. W. Bro. G. Abel appointed Assistant Grand Organist
1976-1977 R. W. Bro. D. Felker elected District Deputy Grand Master of Hamilton District "B".
1977-78 R. W. Bro. G. W. Buckler elected District Deputy Grand Master of Hamilton District "B".
1978 V. W. Bro. C. Watson appointed Grand Steward.
1991-92 R. W. Bro. R.W. Faulds elected District Deputy Grand Master of Hamilton District   "B"
1992 V. W. Bro. T. W. Pocock appointed Grand Steward.
1992 V. W. Bro. M. H. Devins appointed Grand Steward
1992 V. W. Bro. E. L. Burns appointed Grand Superintendent of the Works.
1993 V. W. Bro. J. Bramley appointed Grand Steward.
2001 V. W. Bro. Lewis Alexander Triggerson appointed Assistant Grand Organist.
2005-6 R. W. Bro. Aaron R. Orr elected District Deputy Grand Master of Hamilton District  "B"
2006-7 V. W. Bro. Ian A. Pirie appointed Grand Steward
May 29, 2013 Extinguishing of the lights.



Congratulations to Hillcrest Lodge No. 594


2016 - 2017  "Cup of Harmony" Winner



R.W. Bro. Lou Domjan presents the "Cup of Harmony" to W. Bro. Gerry Neely, Worshipful Master of Hillcrest Lodge No. 594



"Triple Crown"


Hillcrest Lodge No. 594





 "Triple Crown"


Hillcrest Lodge No. 594


Hillcrest Lodge No. 594 the current District Award recipients of:


The Travelling Volume of the Sacred Law (Fall 2016)


"Cup of Harmony" (2016 - 2017)


Travelling Cane (May 15, 2016)





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Hillcrest Masonic Temple




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