Wentworth Lodge No. 166

Wentworth Lodge No. 166

Wentworth Lodge No. 166 has earned the designation:

“Cornerstone Lodge 2016 – 2018”

“The lodge deserves to be extremely proud of the level of proficiency that it has achieved and you are to be commended for your dedication and determination in meeting the Cornerstone challenge.” – Brother 2 Brother Team

Meets Third Tuesday of Each Month, 7:30 p.m.

(except July and August)


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Regular MeetingsSept. – June3rd Tues.
Official VisitOctober3rd Tues.
InstallationApril3rd Tues.

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In the year 1864, a few Masons met at Wilson’s Hotel in the hamlet of Stoney Creek and decided to form a Masonic Lodge. According to the first minute records available, they met in pursuance to a notice from the Worshipful Master-elect in Wilson’s Hotel on July 14th, 1864, for the purpose of receiving the Warrant of Constitution ordered by the Grand Lodge of Canada at its Annual Sessions and for the Institution of the officers named in the said warrant, and for transactions of other business, as may be brought regularly before the Lodge, on Monday, the 15th day of August, 1864 at Stoney Creek Canada West.

The furniture consisted of one bar room chair for the Master and an empty box upholstered on the top with a board placed thereon, for the brethren to sit on. The first gavels were turned on James Lee’s lathe in his shop, by Abraham Wilson. The pedestals were made by the late W. Bro. Horace A. Combs. The rough ashlars and the perfect ashlars were made by Thomas Russell, but were later discarded for the ones now in use.

The first Worshipful Master was Dr. Walter McKay, originally from Brantford, Ontario. Dr. McKay obtained his degree in medicine, M.D., C.W. at McGill University in 1854.

In 1901, a Committee in Wentworth Lodge met with Union Lodge to arrange a boundary line. However it wasn’t until 1924 that the actual boundary was established.

During the life of Wentworth Lodge, it had 6 homes with its present one being at the corner of Dawson Street and Passmore Avenue in Stoney Creek.

On March 21, 2006 Wentworth Lodge No. 166 amalgamated with T. H. Simpson Lodge #692. The following is a brief history of T. H. Simpson Lodge No. 166.

Thomas Hamilton Simpson Lodge A.F. & A.M. No. 692 G.R.C. was instituted on October 3rd, 1957 and a warrant constituted on October 10th, 1958.

At the regular meeting of Wentworth Lodge No. 166 held on May 7th, 1957 the following motion was recorded: “It was moved by R.W. Bro. Leighton McDermid and seconded by W. Bro. David McLeod, and carried, that Wentworth Lodge No. 166, A.F. & A.M., G.R.C., sponsor and support a new Lodge to be formed to meet in the new Masonic Temple in Stoney Creek, Ontario”.

The Lodge was named after the Most Worshipful Thomas Hamilton Simpson born in Hamilton on January 8th, 1891 graduating Osgood Hall in 1912 and called to the Bar at 21 years of age. He was initiated into Masonry in 1912 at Acacia Lodge No. 61, was married in 1924 and had two sons (Joseph Benjamin and George Adam Clare). T.H. Simpson was Worshipful Master of Acacia Lodge in 1926 and District Deputy Grand Master Hamilton Masonic District ‘B’ in 1933. He was Grand Master in 1947-48 and an honorary Life Member of Buchanan Lodge No. 550, Wentworth Lodge No. 166 and Harmony Lodge No. 57. M.W. Bro. T.H. Simpson and his two sons were present and enrolled as Charter Members on October 3rd, 1957 when the Lodge was instituted. The Brethren of T.H. Simpson Lodge are proud and honored to have our Lodge named after such a distinguished Mason.

The Charter Members of T.H. Simpson Lodge A.F. & A.M. No. 692 G.R.C. were: Worshipful Master – W. Bro. David McLeod; Senior Warden – Bro. John Lee; Junior Warden – W. Bro. William A. McNeil; Chaplain – W. Bro. Frank Lee; Secretary – R.W. Bro. Leighton McDermid; and Tyler – Bro. Ken Page. The first candidate was John Otis Collins, initiated November 7th, 1957 at the first regular meeting, continuing on to become Master of our Lodge in 1964.

The constitution and consecration of T.H. Simpson Lodge took place on Friday October 10th, 1958 with M.W. Bro. T.H. Simpson conducting the ceremony, and then presenting the Lodge with a Masonic Altar Bible with dividers and $50 to start a benevolent fund. W. Bro. Ralph Connar, W.M. of Acacia Lodge No. 61 also presented our Lodge with a case of chrome plated working tools.

On December 4th, 1958, R.W. Bro. Walter Francis conducted the installation and the investiture of the first elected officers. Bro. J.H. Lee was installed as Worshipful Master after having served 38 years as Secretary of Wentworth Lodge No. 166.

On April 16th, 1959, W. Bro. David McLeod presented M.W. Bro. T. H. Simpson with a Honorary Life Membership for loaning our Lodge his good name.

In October 1962, our lodge had our first fraternal visit from Eggertsville Lodge No. 1157 and this honorable tradition continues to this day.

On May 2nd, 1963, FIVE Master Mason degrees were conferred to Brothers: G. McLeod; S. Spencer; C. Boden; R. Kerr; and E. Corman. The Lodge was closed in harmony at 11:55 p.m..

Our largest Lodge meeting occurred on May 16th, 1968 with 232 brethren in attendance including 14 officers, 21 members, and 197 visitors representing 43 Lodges.

In July 1969, V.W. Bro David McLeod was appointed a Grand Steward.

In November 1969, our Charter was draped due to the passing of M.W. Bro. Thomas Hamilton Simpson.

In July 1971, R.W. Brother M. Capel was elected D.D.G.M. of Hamilton District ‘B’.

In April 1972, our Lodge welcomed a Native Canadian Degree Team.

In July 1972, V.W. Bro. J. Burke was appointed a Grand Steward.

In December 1976, W. Bro. D. Murray presented a cheque to Participation House on behalf of all three Hamilton Districts.

In October 1982, W. Bro. N. Madill, W.M. of the Lodge of Strict Observance No. 27 presented a Director of Ceremonies wand to our Lodge in recognition of our 25th Anniversary.

In May 1983, W. Bro. Roy Foster presented the Lodge with an easel, which he had handcrafted.

In July 1987, R.W. Bro. Wm. J. Hawkins was elected D.D.G.M. of Hamilton District ‘B’.

In July 1988, V.W. Bro. K. Marshall was appointed Grand Steward.

In November 1990, a Memorial Fund was established in memory of V.W. Bro. J. Burke with the interest donated to charity each year.

In July 1994, V.W. Bro. G. Bone was appointed Grand Steward.

Between 1991 and 1994, T.H. Simpson Lodge donated in excess of $10,000 to various local charities through the proceeds of our Spring Dance.

In October 1997, our Lodge celebrated our 40th Anniversary.

In January 1999, W. Bro. Steve Melnyk and a delegation of members of Lansing Lodge No. 33 of the Grand Lodge of Michigan exemplified the portrayal of a typical civil war Lodge meeting.

In February 2000, a presentation of a 50-year pin was made to Bro. Victor Gilliland.

In March 2000, our Lodge hosted a fraternal visit of the “Third Thursday Lodges”. St. John’s Lodge No. 40, St. Andrew’s Lodge No. 62, and Dufferin Lodge No. 291 were in attendance as were members of Unity Lodge No. 376, Huntsville.

In July 2000, R.W. Bro. Robert E. Kerr was elected D.D.G.M. of Hamilton District ‘B’.

In July 2001, V.W. Bro. Brian Muir was appointed Grand Steward.

Our Lodge sponsors regularly held blood donor clinics.

For more detailed historical facts contact the Lodge Secretary.

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