The Harmony Lodge No. 57

The Harmony Lodge No. 57

The Harmony Lodge No. 57 has earned the designation:

“Cornerstone Lodge 2016 – 2018”

“The lodge deserves to be extremely proud of the level of proficiency that it has achieved and you are to be commended for your dedication and determination in meeting the Cornerstone challenge.” – Brother 2 Brother Team

Meets Second Wednesday of Each Month, 7:30 p.m.*

(except July and August)

*7:00 p.m. April and October


  • Binbrook Masonic Temple
  • 3038 Highway No. 56
  • Binbrook, Ontario  Canada
  • GLCPOO Approved 03057

Map – The Harmony Lodge No. 57


Regular MeetingsSept. – June2nd Wed.
Official VisitOctober2nd Wed.
InstallationApril2nd Wed.

Contact Information

V.W. Bro. Matthew Burke, Secretary


The Harmony Lodge was granted dispensation April 5, 1855 when the first 3 principal officers were installed with W. Bro. Win. Mussen, W.M. of York Lodge 286 G.R.I. presiding.

    1st W.M. was W. Bro. Jeremaih Taylor

    1st S.W. was Bro. John Brown

    1st J.W. was Bro. Henry Morgan

The W.M. was then regularly installed at a special Past Masters’ meeting in Hamilton on June 28, 1855. The Harmony Lodge, being formed prior to the Grand Lodge of Canada, was granted a warrant from the Grand Lodge of Ireland and numbered 358. The warrant was issued July 1856, however the Lodge held it’s first meeting as Harmony No. 27 on February 25, 1856. In 1858, after the union of the Ancient Grand Lodge and the Grand Lodge of Canada, The Harmony Lodge was renumbered as No. 57.

Few other firsts include:

    1st Candidate was Reuben Taylor, son of the first W.M.

    1st Grand Lodge Officer was R.W. Bro. Rev. George Chrystal

    1st Grand Master to visit was M.W. Bro. John Ross Robertson

    1st D.D.G.M. was R.W. Bro. Hugh Johnson in 1917

Members from The Harmony Lodge formed Wentworth Lodge, which in turn formed T.H. Simpson Lodge. The Harmony Lodge members also formed Lincoln Lodge.

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Binbrook Masonic Temple