Past DDGM’s

Present and Past District Deputy Grand Masters

Hamilton B District As It Has Progressed Over The Years

* Present District Deputy Grand Master

+ Died while in Office. See accompanying note regarding his replacement.

During the early years of Hamilton District, there was obviously no rotation and some District Deputy Grand Masters served for two years. Today District B continues to hold an election for the office of District Deputy Grand Master, and seldom does a lodge miss a turn to provide one. It is important to note that in the early years the District Secretary was not necessarily from the lodge of the D.D.G.M., and did not always receive Grand Honours the next year. Many of the early reports are unclear as to which lodge the D.D.G.M or District Secretary came from. In some cases an educated guess was made using registration and attendance records. If your lodge has further information, it will be greatly appreciated.

* Sean A. Straughan2021-22Mathew MilneUnion Lodge No. 7
Michael R. Martin2019-21Douglas J. BennieThe Harmony Lodge. No. 57
Les R. Vass2018-19Mark O’DonnellWentworth Lodge No. 166
Glenn T. Jarvie2017-18Matthew BurkeEnniskillen Lodge No. 185
Ray A. Young2016-17David HaslipHillcrest Lodge No. 594
Graham Tait2015-16Alan CampbellBattlefield Lodge No. 714
Thomas R. Young2014-15Randy HainingLincoln Lodge No. 544
D. Kenneth Laliberte2013-14G. Wyatt LowryLodge of Strict Observance No. 27
 Lindsay Reiach2012-13Wayne LaniganSt. Andrew’s Lodge No. 62
Louis M. Domjan2011-12Michael R. MartinHarmony Lodge No. 57
Victor J. Abraham2010-11Ralph J. ButtonAcacia Lodge No. 61
Terence J. Brown2009-10Timothy CorrinSt. Andrew’s Lodge No. 593
Robert A. Forbes2008-09Robert McCormickEnniskillen Lodge No. 185
Robert J. Brooks2007-08David A. KempUnion Lodge No. 7
David Gibson Sr.2006-07Brett AllanWentworth Lodge No. 166
Aaron Orr2005-06Ian PirieComposite Lodge No. 667
William W. Wheeler2004-05Monroe MurphyLincoln Lodge No. 544
James Kinnear2003-04William C. RobertsHillcrest Lodge No. 594
Marvin C. Smith2002-03Louis M. DomjanHarmony Lodge No. 57
Lanny R. Salmon2001-02Ron EdwardsSt. Andrew’s Lodge No. 62
Robert E. Kerr2000-01Brian MuirT. H. Simpson Lodge No. 692
Norman McCarthy1999-00David WardDoric Lodge No. 382
H. Edward Standish1998-99Vic AbrahamAcacia Lodge No. 61
Bev Alexander1997-98Terry BrownSt. Andrew’s Lodge No. 593
Don Wilson1996-97Tom ForbesEnniskillen Lodge No. 185
Paul Reeve1995-96John ChiversUnion Lodge No. 7
James McArthur1994-95D. PatersonBattlefield Lodge No. 714
Ray Murphy1993-94Tom KottLincoln Lodge No. 544
Brian Schweitzer1992-93B. KitchenHillcrest Lodge No. 594
Robert Faulds1991-92Thomas PocockComposite Lodge No. 667
Joe Whitfield1990-91D. WarnekeWentworth Lodge No. 166
Keith Cosier1989-90Morley TeskeySt. Andrew’s Lodge No. 62
Robert McKinnell1988-89Andrew LowdenHarmony Lodge No. 57
Bill Hawkins1987-88K. MarshallT. H. Simpson Lodge No. 692
John Webster1986-87David WarringtonLodge of Strict Observance No. 27
Robert Wands1985-86E. McCarthyDoric Lodge No. 382
Ken McLeod1984-85L. HoskinAcacia Lodge No. 61
Larry Crawford1983-84J. RabySt. Andrew’s Lodge No. 593
Charles Fox1982-83K. AndersonEnniskillen Lodge No. 185
Clark Brooks1981-82Howard F. WaltersUnion Lodge No. 7
Roy Henderson1980-81Harold ProwseBattlefield Lodge No. 714
Victor Lepp1979-80George DeavuLincoln Lodge No. 544
Ray Cowie1978-79Allison MurphySt. Andrew’s Lodge No. 62
George Buckler1977-78Chas. WatsonComposite Lodge No. 667
Dave Felker1976-77A. BeckHillcrest Lodge No. 594
Reginald Coniam1975-76J. PellWentworth Lodge No. 166
Eric Wm. Nancekivell1975-77Grand MasterComposite Lodge No. 667
Orvil Bell1974-75A. HarrisHarmony Lodge No. 57
Arthur Tinson1973-74Gordon SkinnerLodge of Strict Observance No. 27
In 1974 Hamilton District A & B was split into Districts A, B & C
Roy Middleton1972-73J. BenedictAcacia Lodge No. 61
Marshall Capel1971-72J. BurkeT. H. Simpson Lodge No. 692
James Hamilton1970-71Wm. G. BirnieElectric Lodge No. 495
Arthur Jenner1969-70W. MacIntoshDoric Lodge No. 382
Robert Bourne1968-69Armand HummelUnion Lodge No. 7
James Curtis1967-68S. GriffenWestmount Lodge No. 671
Allen Senn1966-67G. HewittEnniskillen Lodge No. 185
Fordham Hyder1965-66J. CarrickSt. Andrew’s Lodge No. 593
Ashton Turner1964-65J. RobertsWardrope Lodge No. 555
Leonard J. Hewitt1963-64John D. TaylorLodge Ancient Landmarks No. 654
H. Grant Jackson1962-63R. W. DaviesLincoln Lodge No. 544
Robert Truscott1961-62A. CookLodge of Strict Observance No. 27
Russ. Wm. Treleaven1961-63Grand MasterAcacia Lodge No. 61
Eric William Nancekivell1960-61Thos. BaconComposite Lodge No. 667
Harrison Martindale1959-60Wm. WilliamsonSt. Andrew’s Lodge No. 62
Stephen G. K. Kemp1958-59David FelkerHillcrest Lodge No. 594
Samuel H. Dolman1957-58K. F. WarwickBuchanan Lodge No. 550
Walter T Francis1956-57Earl WaterburyBeach Lodge No. 639
George J. Patterson1955-56Lordly W. JonesAcacia Lodge No. 61
George J. McQueen1954-55George CookeDoric Lodge No. 382
Leighton McDermid1953-54Clifford FreelWentworth Lodge No. 166
E. C. Krebs1952-53Albert MarshallIonic Lodge No. 549
Herbert F Fuller1951-52Harry C. SmithElectric Lodge No. 495
E. Gilbert Gawley1950-51Angus DalgleishHarmony Lodge No. 57
Stewart Davidson1949-50 Acacia Lodge No. 61
George C. Gage1948-49Martin E. SmithWardrope Lodge No. 555
Thomas H. Simpson1947-49Grand MasterAcacia Lodge No. 61
Harry H. Hewitt1947-48Harry YoungEnniskillen Lodge No. 185
George T. Inch1946-47Lavell E. RouseLodge Ancient Landmarks  No. 654
W. F. Newman1945-46Thomas McCannLodge of Strict Observance No. 27
Clarence W. Lewis1944-45James L. DunhamUnion Lodge No. 7
G. A. Sweatman1943-44John GeddesHillcrest Lodge No. 594
Russ. Wm. Treleaven1942-43J. Frank WalkerAcacia Lodge No. 61
H. S. Marshall1941-42E. K. BuckinghamBeach Lodge No. 639
Arthur E. McArthur1940-41Wm. J. McQueenDoric Lodge No. 382
William Davies1939-40Harry S. StearsBuchannan No. 550
W. S. Milmine1938-39Harold G. ParrottWentworth Lodge No. 166
William A. Laidlaw1937-38James RosieIonic lodge No. 549
Beamer H. Hopkins1936-37John Paton MillsWardrope Lodge No. 555
Thomas J. Hicks1935-36H. K. MarshallSt. Andrew’s Lodge No. 62
James Baird1934-35Robert W. TurnerCorinthian Lodge No. 513
Thomas H. Simpson1933-34Roland F. HillAcacia Lodge No. 61
G. L. Bell1932-33David YoungHarmony Lodge No. 57
J. A. Henderson1931-32C. M. DentLodge of Strict Observance No. 27
Orton J. Newell1930-31Geo. A. GrassieHillcrest Lodge No. 594
G. B. McConachie1929-30Chas. H. WalkerUnion Lodge No. 7
Robert Clark1928-29Gordon H McCullochDoric Lodge No. 382
F. W. Davidson1927-28Hilton WallaceSt. Andrew’s Lodge No. 593
Mark C. Senn1926-27R. L. MurdockEnniskillen Lodge No. 185
+ C. J. Martindale1926-27R. L. MurdockEnniskillen Lodge No. 185
+ Died in Office Oct. 3, 1926. W.Bro. Mark C. Senn appointed by the Grand Master M.W. Bro. John A. Roland. Both received the rank of Past District Deputy Grand Master on a recommendation by G.M.
Smith A. Wait1925-26Edward J. McMartinIonic lodge No. 549
John Forth1924-25Arthur LavisWardrope Lodge No. 555
Wm. John Drope M.A.1923-25Grand MasterUnion Lodge No. 7
Erland Lee1923-24J. T. ChittickWentworth Lodge No. 166
On a motion June 20, 1923 Hamilton District 8 was split into Hamilton District’s A & B
Frank Mills1922-23David HawkinsLodge of Strict Observance No. 27
Charles E. Kelly1921-22Herbert W. TempleAcacia Lodge No. 61
H. A. Graham1920-21S. M. SinclairBurlington Lodge No. 165
R. H. Foster1919-20Ralph C. RipleyTemple Lodge No. 324
John G. Gauld1918-19 Barton Lodge No. 6
Joseph F. Senn1917-18James MuirHarmony Lodge No. 57
W. H. Wardrope   K.C.1917-18Grand MasterAcacia Lodge No. 61
George H. Lanigan1916-17 Dundurn Lodge No. 475
Franklin Hanna1915-16W. A. RobinsonBrant Lodge No. 45
James McGregor1914-15John RenwickSt. Andrew’s Lodge No. 62
Charles Kilgour1913-14George B. PerryDoric Lodge No. 382
W. H. Wardrope   K.C.1912-13Ernest E. LingerAcacia Lodge No. 61
B. E. Thompson1911-12J. H. McNeillyWentworth Lodge No. 166
G. R. Lloyd1910-11A. W. PeeneLodge of Strict Observance No. 27
W. M. Logan1909-10G. R. LloydSt. John’s No. 40
Edward Finlay1908-09Major L. GrantCredit Lodge No. 219
Herbert S. Griffin1907-08W. Bro. LoganBarton Lodge No. 6
W. H. Robinson1906-07A. S. ForsterOakville Lodge No. 400
J. O. McGregor M. D.1905-06 Waterdown Lodge No. 357
Fredrick Walter1904-05J. JardineDoric Lodge No. 382
R. A. Hutchinson1903-04W.F. McGiverinLodge of Strict Observance No. 27
W. H. Robinson1902-03 Oakville Lodge No. 400
A. M. Cunningham1901-02A. T. NeilTemple Lodge No. 324
William Birrell1900-01D. WaterousDoric Lodge No. 121 Brantford
John James Mason1900Hon. P.G.M.Lodge of Strict Observance No. 27
F. A. Latshaw1899-00A. E. TerryberryValley Lodge No. 100
A. T. Freed1898-99 Barton Lodge No. 6
C. Van Norman Emory1897-98 Doric Lodge No. 382
J. O. Liddell1896-97 Doric Lodge No. 121 Brantford
George C. Holden1895-96F. J. HowellAcacia Lodge No. 61
Thomas McCallum1894-95 St. John’s No. 40
F. C. Heath1893-94James G. LiddellDoric Lodge No. 121- Brantford
Ralph L. Gunn1892-93H. N. KittsonLodge of Strict Observance No. 27
J. M. Gibson Q.C.1892-94Grand MasterLodge of Strict Observance No. 27
John Hoodless1891-92R. L. GunnBarton Lodge No. 6
C. W. Mulligan1890-91John HoodlessTemple Lodge No. 324
John Malloy1889-90C. W. MulliganSt. John’s No. 40
Wm. Freeman M. D.1888-89John HoodlessCredit Lodge No. 219
George Russell1887-88S. G. TrebleBarton Lodge No. 6
William Kerns1886-87 Burlington Lodge No. 165
Donald McPhie1885-86 St. John’s No. 40
Gavin Stewart1884-85 Lodge of Strict Observance No. 27
Hugh Murray1884-85Grand MasterAcacia Lodge No. 61
J. M. Gibson1883-84 Lodge of Strict Observance No. 27
Thomas Clark1882-83 Valley Lodge No. 100
W. G. Reid1881-82 St. John’s No. 40
+ J. M. Meakins1880-81 Lodge of Strict Observance No. 27
J. M. Meakins1879-80 Lodge of Strict Observance No. 27
Hugh Murray1878-79 Acacia Lodge No. 61
Hugh Murray1877-78 Acacia Lodge No. 61
Richard Brierly1876-77 Barton Lodge No. 6
Richard Brierly1875-76 Barton Lodge No. 6
John James Mason1874-75 Lodge of Strict Observance No. 27
John James Mason1873-74 Lodge of Strict Observance No. 27
Edward Mitchell1872-73 Acacia Lodge No. 61
Edward Mitchell1871-72 Acacia Lodge No. 61
Edward Mitchell1870-71 Acacia Lodge No. 61
July 11, 1870 the original Hamilton District 8 was split into Hamilton District and Niagara District. Hamilton District was to consist of the city of Hamilton and the Counties of Wentworth and Halton. Niagara was to consist of the Counties of Lincoln, Haldimand and Welland.
Isaac P. Willson1869-70 Welland Lodge No. 36 – Fonthill
John Parry1868-69 Amity Lodge No. 32
James Seymour1867-68 Niagara Lodge No. 2
James Seymour1866-67 Niagara Lodge No. 2
In July 1866, on a recommendation of the B. of G. P. to G. L. in 1865, each District was to provide suitable D.D.G.M.’s Regalia to be worn on all Official occasions, and transferred to their successors on retiring from office. R. W. Bro. Thomas  Bird  Harris, Grand Secretary, and P.M. of St. John’s Lodge No. 40 Hamilton,  took the matter in hand and purchased the handsome and costly Apron, Collar, Gauntlets and Jewel worn for the first time by R. W. Bro. James Seymour.
Harcourt B. Bull1865-66 Barton Lodge No. 6
Harcourt B. Bull1864-65 Barton Lodge No. 6
Wm. Bellhouse1863-64 Lodge of Strict Observance No. 27
William Fitch1862-63 Union Lodge No. 7
Charles McGill1861-62 Barton Lodge No. 6
Charles McGill1860-61 Barton Lodge No. 6
Richard Bull1859-60 Lodge of Strict Observance No. 27
Richard Bull1858-59 Lodge of Strict Observance No. 17
Charles McGill1857-58 Barton Lodge No. 3
W. C. Stephens1856-57 Acacia Lodge No. 30